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There is more to setting up than meets the eye…

There is a great deal of work that goes into setting up a F2F campaign, much like any other fundraising activity. Some are easier than others, but in general it takes a lot of work to setup and manage a successful F2F campaign. It’s a team effort and there are a number of people that are required to come together to setup and manage a campaign. It’s a balancing act at times, as if one area of the campaign falls down (training, lack of sites, little management or no materials) the entire campaign suffers. The setups were always the busiest and most stressful, but also extremely exciting.

What makes everything worthwhile is when you step into the first charity training session and become immersed with their cause, the work they undertake and the challenges they are facing. Many charities have a number of projects that require support for regular givers, but finding the most urgent & simple for people to relate to is key!

It’s this passion, emotion, determination and energy that is so crucial in EVERY campaign. The ability to share this with strangers (many of whom have not heard of the charity until that very minute) and build rapport will make or break a F2F campaign. This is the starting point in the relationship with supporters, and one where charities will need to build upon.

I have many memories of campaign set-ups. Some amazingly exciting and simple campaigns, with a few stressful and complicated ones added in for good measure. However, each one is unique and I can quite safely say – each setup you completed, you walked away with more knowledge & insight than when you began.

If your charity runs F2F campaigns, I would highly recommend going along to a training session with the F2F fundraisers. Not only will you be buzzing with enthusiasm and passion about your cause, you will hear first hand the thoughts & feedback from the general public about your charity and the act of giving itself.


*If you are thinking about setting up a F2F campaign, here are a few of the requirements that are needed:

  • Service User Number (from your sponsoring bank)
  • DD forms or PDD form on secure electronic devise
  • PFRA Membership
  • Charity Clothing (including ID badge)
  • Sites (licenses form the council’s)
  • Fundraising Materials (welcome pack, FR folder, etc.)
  • Fundraiser Training (asks, cause, charity history, objection responses, etc.)
  • Fundraising Managers (monitor activity, results & complaint handling)



F2F Fundraising – The “marmite” recruitment medium of the sector!

I think that as a sector, we need to be more open when talking about Street Fundraising. More so, to raise awareness of the fundraising medium and why a number of charities see this as a vital recruitment channel. I know, from experience, that many people working in charities still turn their noses up at Street Fundraising (many of whom are sitting in the same room as fellow fundraisers who manage these campaigns), which saddens me. I was in a lecture a few months ago discussing fundraising mediums. When it came to F2F, 98% of the room did not approve and compared F2F fundraisers’ to beggars on the street, bringing down the charity brand (however, slipped in that it did in fact raise a lot of money for charities). I was so shocked in that moment (I knew the general public had this thought, but from fellow fundraisers, all of whom work in the sector, I was blown over! Luckily the person sitting next to me was just as shocked as I was). I truly believe that their needs to be a shift in the perception of this fundraising medium and perhaps by sharing more insights, others can begin to see the bigger picture and how important street fundraising is to charities – not just in raising funds but also in building brand awareness.

I will be blogging about this medium over the next few weeks in the hope to raise some awareness & share some of my experiences over the last 5 years working in F2F fundraising. To share how it can be used and the work that goes into running these campaigns. I know that F2F fundraising is not for everybody or for every charity, but for those working in this medium, there needs to be more understanding and openness to running this activity.

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The “Future” Chapter

As I look back over the last four and a half years at Future, I must say that I have been through it all.  As Future heads into another new chapter after a year of transformation, I feel it’s time to say my farewells.

I started in May 07, three weeks after I had decided to get on that plane from South Africa heading to the UK.  Little did I know what I was getting into at the time, no idea of just how much impact this decision would have on my life.  My initial plan was to only work in the UK for a year, travel for 6 months and then head back home to study.  That all changed 8 months in, as I developed this passion for fundraising.

Over the years, I have been privileged to have worked with some extraordinary and inspirational people, been a part of new ventures and witnessed a few fundraising “firsts”. Most of all, it has formed my foundation in fundraising and shown me how much I’m truly capable off.  I say this because over this last year I have completed the first year of my Masters at LSBU, whilst working full time at Future; setting up a completely new department and calling team, rebranding and helping the agency expand their services.  I have never worked so hard in my life & juggled as many balls as I have done so this past year.  It’s been tough and had it’s up’s and down’s along the way, but I wouldn’t change a thing!

I will never forget my roots and entrance into the world of fundraising.  I truly believe in the work that Rupert, John and their teams are doing and I wish everyone at Future & Fundraising Vision the best of luck as they continue on their path.

Tomorrow is my first day at Rapidata and I’m thrilled to be heading off to my next challenge.  I’m really excited to be working in a new fundraising medium and cannot wait to learn more.

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Life In A Day!

As human-beings we sometimes take out life for granted, constantly focusing on the next thing we want to achieve. Believing that once we get there, we will be more happier and for-filled. Not appreciating the here and now…

Watching the below clip/trailer I think is really powerful. It reminds you just how amazing life truly is and how each day is a new experience, that we are creating.

Life is too short not to take chances, not to live your passion and fight for what you believe in. I still believe that life is about making a difference; whether that be in your family, community or the world. I believe that each person can make a difference, it’s a choice and belief that you are powerful enough to do so.