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F2F Fundraising – The “marmite” recruitment medium of the sector!

on February 28, 2012

I think that as a sector, we need to be more open when talking about Street Fundraising. More so, to raise awareness of the fundraising medium and why a number of charities see this as a vital recruitment channel. I know, from experience, that many people working in charities still turn their noses up at Street Fundraising (many of whom are sitting in the same room as fellow fundraisers who manage these campaigns), which saddens me. I was in a lecture a few months ago discussing fundraising mediums. When it came to F2F, 98% of the room did not approve and compared F2F fundraisers’ to beggars on the street, bringing down the charity brand (however, slipped in that it did in fact raise a lot of money for charities). I was so shocked in that moment (I knew the general public had this thought, but from fellow fundraisers, all of whom work in the sector, I was blown over! Luckily the person sitting next to me was just as shocked as I was). I truly believe that their needs to be a shift in the perception of this fundraising medium and perhaps by sharing more insights, others can begin to see the bigger picture and how important street fundraising is to charities – not just in raising funds but also in building brand awareness.

I will be blogging about this medium over the next few weeks in the hope to raise some awareness & share some of my experiences over the last 5 years working in F2F fundraising. To share how it can be used and the work that goes into running these campaigns. I know that F2F fundraising is not for everybody or for every charity, but for those working in this medium, there needs to be more understanding and openness to running this activity.


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