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Life In A Day!

on July 16, 2011

As human-beings we sometimes take out life for granted, constantly focusing on the next thing we want to achieve. Believing that once we get there, we will be more happier and for-filled. Not appreciating the here and now…

Watching the below clip/trailer I think is really powerful. It reminds you just how amazing life truly is and how each day is a new experience, that we are creating.

Life is too short not to take chances, not to live your passion and fight for what you believe in. I still believe that life is about making a difference; whether that be in your family, community or the world. I believe that each person can make a difference, it’s a choice and belief that you are powerful enough to do so.



2 responses to “Life In A Day!

  1. It is really a powerful fim and I am really glad that YouTube reached out to all its users to create it. It was a great project to take part in. I love it not only because of the effect it has on us, viewers, but also because those of us who submitted our short videos to this project have great memories from that day. Great narrative and yes, I think it should be shared and used to inspire people. Thank you for posting and reminding me about it!

  2. I couldn’t agree more. That is why I am setting up Mardi, a new international charity for university alumni who want to make a difference.

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