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A few lovely people that I have met, thanks to Twitter!

on January 6, 2011


Why am I on Twitter?

I get asked this question so often…

I am on Twitter for a number of reasons. Instead of listing them out, which would be a tad boring & factual, I thought that I would share a bit about a few people that I have met in 2010 as a direct result of being on Twitter.

The first person that I ever met through Twitter was Rachel Beer @rachelbeer. It was lovely to finally meet the person behind the avatar. Our meeting was very brief, so I do hope the next time we meet we get to have a proper chat. She is just as lovely in person as she is on Twitter. Always willing to share her thoughts & feedback, and also helped me out with my cousins Xmas gifts this year! Bringing the NFP Tweetup to life, she certainly knows her stuff and is a true social media guru.

Paul De Gregorio @Pauldegregorio was the next person that I met up with several months ago, at his offices in Old Street. I was blown away by our conversation and his love of the sector. He is filled with so many ideas that I cannot wait to chat further about. A man who is extremely focused, with vast experience in telephone fundraising. On a new venture, that I wish him all the very best on. I am thrilled to be working with him on a project in the New Year!

Craig Linton @Frdetective was another person that I am extremely happy to have met. I had been following him on twitter for a few months, we had chatted (online) about fundraising, he had kindly given me some info & ideas on legacies. A few weeks later, he said to me that he had gotten the job as the New Head of Fundraising at the GLFB (a charity client that I had been working with for several years!) It shows you what a small world it really is… Within the next couple weeks, we had arranged a meeting (to chat about the current campaign), went out for a drink after and following this – I had found my first volunteering opportunity! I worked at the GLFB one day a week for three months, and I loved every minute! It made my decision to start my Msc in Charity Fundraising & Marketing something that I worked even harder towards. I share Craig’s vision on fundraising and what he wants to achieve at the GLFB. This man is truly inspirational and is out to make a difference in every charity that he works for. He is so enthusiastic & passionate about what he does – it was a privilege to work with him!

Anna Walsh @annarwalsh Now here is one extremely insightful, hard working & shrewd lady! 100% on the ball and passionate about fundraising & communication… I actually first met Anna a few years ago at her leaving party at Sense, through one of the guys that I used to work with. However, only pleasantries, and I have a feeling that I might have been gate crashing, but hey! (Hope that you didn’t mind Anna). Anyway, we connected through Twitter a couple of years later and she has been an absolute gem! I am so thrilled to have met up with her again. She is another person who I am very happy to have worked with, and hope to again in the future.

Nausheen Qureshi @POPNQ is a force to be reckoned with! I am not sure how she does it really (a question that I have actually asked her)… She has founded a charity, a skin care line & who knows what else will be next. Constantly working & on the go with new events, initiatives & ideas to raise money for Play Our Part – a charity who helps to support people who are affected by HIV/AIDS living in Africa. And also happens to have a fabulous accent to match her personality.

John Lepp @Johnlepp I believe that most people know and have chatted to this man. He is one that will probably take me awhile to meet up with in person, but one that I am more than happy to Skype & chat on twitter with! He is another person who I find extremely insightful and creative, with a vast knowledge of fundraising & helping charities to communicate more effectively with their supporters. An agent of good which I hope to work with in the not too distant future.

Recently I have started chatting to a very lovely lady who is extremely inspirational! Not sure if you know Hazel @CHD_UK. She is currently teaching in Spain & studying Child Psychology. Now here is a lady that I hope to meet up with when she comes back to the UK in September. A selfless, kind & hardworking individual who is helping to raise awareness of Congenital Heart Defects, as well as living with one herself.

Okay, so there you have it – here are just some of the lovely people that I have met thanks to being on Twitter. As I’m sure that you can tell, I am very much pro Twitter and always will be.

I look forward to connecting & meeting up with many more twitteries in 2011.


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